Back Pain Associated With Widespread Pain

By | December 10, 2013

1005989_highLow back pain (LBP) needs to be viewed not as a regional pain disorder but as part of a more general and widespread pain problem and this needs to be reflected in the diagnosis and management of patients. However, LBP and indeed musculoskeletal pain in general are associated with problems in other body systems as well. Patients with musculoskeletal disorders such as LBP and osteoarthritis report co-morbidities in other body systems more frequently than persons without these issues.  LBP is the leading cause of years lived with disability in the world (an estimated 632 million people are affected). Chronic musculoskeletal pain has become the most common cause of severe long-term physical disability and a substantial burden on both individuals and societies.  A recent review on the subject found that having pain in several sites compared to just one site is associated with poorer physical and mental function, poorer response to treatment and greater risk of chronicity and disability.

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